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MongoDB is a document-oriented NoSQL database used for high volume data storage. Instead of using tables and rows as in the traditional relational databases, MongoDB makes use of collections and documents. This course covers the MongoDB features and data modelling. Participants will be exposed to querying data in Mongo shell. Participants will be also challenged with our theoretical and extensive hands-on exercises to put their knowledge to the best.

Course Name Duration Entry Requirement Fee (SGD)
MongoDB 14 hrs Basic Programming Knowledge S$590

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Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to MongoDB
  • NoSQL Databases
  • Features of MongoDB
  • Installation overview
  • Documents
  • Collections
  • Databases
  • Starting and stopping MongoDB
Module 2: Basic CRUD Operation
  • Create
  • Read
  • Update
  • Delete
Module 3: Querying Data in Mongo Shell
  • Introduction to find command 
  • Limitations in querying data
  • Query for All Documents in a Collection
  • Query by a Top Level Field
  • Query by a Field in an Embedded Document
  • Query by a Field in an Array
  • Specify Conditions with Operators
  • Combine Conditions
Module 4: Updating Documents
  • Updating documents
  • Update top level fields
  • Update an embedded field
  • Update multiple documents
  • Replace a document
Module 5: Delete Operations
  • Create temp DB,Collection and Documents
  • Remove
  • DeleteOne
  • Deletemany
  • Drop Collection
  • Drop Database 
Module 6: Aggregation Framework
  • Loading sample Documents
  • Aggregate
  • Match, Sort and Group
  • Index 

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Course Name Duration Entry Requirement Fee (SGD)
MongoDB 14 hrs Basic Programming Knowledge S$590
Time Slot
Please call 63360244/96503505
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