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Certificate in Computer & Office Skills


The objective of this course is to make student Confident in Computer operations and communication in English. Good English communication and sound knowledge in Computer Operations will prepare you for getting Jobs in entry level and advanced positions in Companies. This course is appropriate for those who are seeking a career in administrative Position, Secretary Position, Office Coordinator, Data entry, Database Management Positions etc.

Course Content

Computer Fundamentals
  • Computer Basic
  • Creating Folder
  • MS Paint
  • Directories
  • Input units
  • Output unit
  • Central Processing Units
  • What is Hardware
  • What is Software
English Level 1
  • Basic English
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Pronunciation
  • Focus on fluency and coherence
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking Skills in English

MS Office Word

Text Basics
  • Typing the text
  • Alignment of text
  • Editing Text: Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All, Clear, Find & Replace
Saving Documents
  • New
  • Open
  • Close
  • Save
  • Save As
Formatting Text
  • Font Size
  • Font Style
  • Font Color
  • Use the Bold, Italic and Underline
  • Change the Text Case
  • Page Setup
  • Setting margins Print Preview
  • Print, working with Tabs and Intends
Working with Objects
  • Shapes
  • Clipart and Picture
  • Word Art
  • Columns and Orderings - To Add Columns to a Document
  • To Change the Order of Objects
  • Page Number
  • Date & Time
Header & Footers
  • Inserting custom Header and Footer
  • Add section break to a document
Working with bullets and numbered lists
  • Multilevel numbering and Bulleting
  • Tables –Working with Tables
  • Table Formatting
  • Table Styles
  • Styles and Content –Using Build- in Styles
  • Modifying Styles
  • Creating Styles
  • Creating a list style
  • Table of contents and references
  • Adding internal references
  • Adding a Footnote
Mail Merge, Proofing the document
  • Shortcut Keys

MS Office Excel

Introduction to Excel
  • Understanding rows and columns
  • Naming Cells
  • Working with excel work book
Formatting excel work book
  • Wrap text
  • Merge and Centre
  • Currency
  • Accounting
  • Modifying Columns, Rows, & Cells
  • Printing Workbook
  • Page Setup
  • Print Area
  • Print Preview
Perform Calculations with Functions
  • Creating Simple
  • Formulas
  • Setting up your own formula
  • Date and Time Functions
  • Financial Functions
  • Logical Functions
  • Lookup and Reference Functions Mathematical Functions
  • Statistical Functions
  • Text Functions
Sort and Filter Data with Excel
Create Effective Charts to Present Data Visually
  • Create a Chart with the Chart Wizard
  • Create an effective chart with Chart Tool such as Design
  • Format
  • Layout
Analyze Data Using PivotTables and Pivot Charts
  • Understand PivotTables
  • Create a PivotTable
  • Framework Using the PivotTable and PivotChart
  • Create Pivot Chart from pivot Table
Protecting and Sharing the work book
  • Protecting a workbook with a password
  • Working with Comments
  • Insert Excel Objects and Charts in Word Document and Power point Presentation
Use Macros to Automate Tasks


Setting Up Your PowerPoint Environment
  • Presentation Basics
  • Text Basics
  • Working with Slides Using Different Views from the PowerPoint Window
Themes and Background Styles
  • To Apply a Theme
  • Modify Themes
  • Background Styles
Working With Objects
  • Pictures and Clip Art
  • Working with Lists
Hyperlinks and Action Buttons
  • Inserting Hyperlinks and Action Buttons
  • Edit Hyperlinks and Action Button
  • Word Art and Shapes
Working with Tables
  • Insert a Table
  • Table Styles
  • Formatting a Table Style
Working with Charts
  • Inserting Charts
  • Formatting Charts
  • Modifying the Chart Layout
Working With Movies and Sounds
  • Inserting Movie From a Computer File
  • Inserting Sound
  • Other Sounds and Movies Option
Working with the Smart Art
  • Inserting SmartArt Graphics
  • Modifying and Formatting Smart art Graphics
Animation and Slide Transition
  • Default Animation
  • Custom Animation
  • Modify a Default or Custom Animation
  • To Reorder Animation Using Transitions
  • Apply a Slide Transition
  • Modifying a Transition
  • Advancing to the Next Slide
Using the Slide Master
  • Making Changes to All Slides
  • To Insert a Picture on All Slides
  • Making Changes to Specific Layouts
Proofing and Printing Slides


  • Get Acquainted with Access
  • Create a Database
  • Create and Modify Tables
  • Relate Tables
  • Enter and Edit Data
  • Sort
  • Filter
  • Print Records
  • Extract Information with Queries
  • Create Advanced Queries
  • Understand Form and Report Design Basics
  • Create Custom Forms and Sub forms
  • Create and Customize Reports and Sub reports
  • Create Charts and Graphs
  • Speed Up Your Database
  • Exchange Data with Outside Sources


  • Introduction To Outlook
  • Configuring an outlook Account
  • Introduction to Outlook 2007 User Interface
  • Arranging Items Inside The contents Pane
  • Setting the current View
  • Performing an Instant search
  • Backup Outlook Data
  • Archiving Outlook Data
  • Working With MS Outlook 2007 - Composing and Sending message
  • Reading Messages
  • Printing E-Mail Message
  • Replying to a Message
  • Forwarding a message
  • Cleaning up the mailbox
  • Setting Rules in outlook
  • Managing Contacts

Internet and Email

  • What is Internet?
  • Receiving Incoming Messages
  • Sending Outgoing Messages
  • Email addressing
  • Email attachments
  • Browsing
  • Search engines
  • Text chatting
  • Voice chatting
  • Video conferencing
  • Facebook
  • Blogging fundamentals

English Level 2

  • Communication English
  • Practices for effective interviews
  • Practices for drafting various types of letters and representation
  • Methods of business communication

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Entry Requirements
Age 16
Academic Level GCE N LEVEL
Language Proficiency ILETS 4.5 OR GCE N LEVEL
Origin of Course Self Developed
Mode Of Study Face-to-Face
Fee Details
Course Fee S$1499
Material Fee S$500
Fulltime 6 months(5 days X 3 hrs)
Part time 10 months(2 days X 2 hrs)
Intakes October, Dec, Feb, April
Written, Assignments/Projects, Practical
Average Student-Teacher: 5:1
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