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Diploma in Computer Applications


The objective of this course is to provide Students the basics of computers and makes students proficient in Operating Systems, Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Access Database and Internet Operations and Programming in the most popular and user friendly Visual Basic.

The course also give an introduction to Multimedia in Photoshop and Web Designing.

Course Content

  • Computer basics
  • Introduction to Computer
  • Classification of Computers
  • Basics Computer organizations
  • Memory unit
  • CPU
  • Input/output units
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Types of Computer
  • MS Paint
  • Files and Folder
  • Add/Remove programs
  • Notepad
  • MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint )
  • Internet & Email
  • Binary Number System
  • Conversion to binary to decimal
  • Decimal Number System
  • Hexa decimal octal
  • Binary addition and Subtraction etc
  • Introduction to Programming logic
  • Flowchart symbols and flowchart
  • Pseudo code
  • Coding
  • Compiling
  • Documentation and Maintenance
  • Introduction to Relational Database Management Systems
  • Tables
  • Primary key
  • Foreign key
  • Relationships
  • Basic SQL Commands
  • Managing Database with MS Access
  • Queries
  • Forms
  • Reports


Introduction to photoshop
  • Color Theory
  • Printing Concepts
  • Color Separation
  • Interface
  • Tools
  • Menus
  • Working with Various Formats
  • Offset Works
  • Photo Work
  • Onscreen
  • Works with RGB
  • Name Card Designing
  • Greeting Card Designing
  • Changing Black & White Photos to Color Photo
Introduction to Web Designing
  • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
  • Frame
  • Forms
  • Table
  • Hyperlink
  • DHtml
  • Stylesheets
Introduction to VB.Net Programming
  • Introduction to Visual Basic
  • Windows forms
  • Standard Controls
  • Basic Programming
  • Properties and Events
  • Control Statement and loops
  • Procedure and Functions
  • Arrays
  • Menu Objects
  • Mouse and Keyboard events
  • Open File dialogue Control
  • Save file dialogue Control
  • Print Dialogue Control
  • Working with database
  • Basic SQL Commands
Project in VB.Net
  • A project work in Visual Basic gives students more foundation in programming

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Entry Requirements
Age 17
Academic Level IELTS 5.5 OR GCE O LEVEL
Mode Of Study Face-to-Face
Those who do not meet the above requirements, should be 18 years and above with at least two years of working Experience(Matured Entry Route)
Fee Details
Course Fee $2000
Material Fee $350
Fulltime 6 months(5 days X 3 hrs)
Part time 10 months(2 days X 2 hrs)
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