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PG Diploma in Information Technology


The objective of the course is to provide the student a deeper knowledge in data communication.

This course will give the student an introduction to the field of Multimedia. Introduction to lash and Photoshop gives a foundation in Multimedia. Programming in JAVA or ASP enables the student to become confident in Internet Programming.

Course Content

Computer Basics and MS Office
  • Introduction to Computer
  • Classifications
  • Parts of computer
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Computer languages
  • Number system
  • Types Of Computer
  • Ms paint
  • Files and folders
  • My computer
  • Introduction to windows
  • Add/Remove a program
  • Notepad MSOffice-MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS PowerPoint
Programming Logic and Practice
  • Introduction to Programming logic
  • Flowchart symbols and flowchart
  • Pseudo code
  • Coding
  • Compiling
  • Documentation and Maintenance
Programming in Visual Basic
  • Introduction
  • Windows forms
  • Standard Controls
  • Properties and Events
  • Control Statement and loops
  • Procedure and functions
  • Arrays
  • Menu objects
  • Mouse and keyboard events
  • Open file dialogue control
  • Save file dialogue control
  • Print dialogue control
  • Working with database
  • Basic SQL commands
  • Data binding technique
  • deployment
Project in VB
  • A project work in Visual Basic gives students more foundation in programming.
  • Relational database concepts
  • DDL
  • DML
  • DCL
  • Commands
  • Partition
  • Views
  • Synonyms
  • PL/SQL programming
  • Functions
  • Procedures
  • Triggers
  • Packages
  • Nested tables
Programming in C Language
  • Introduction
  • Data types and operations
  • Statements and Control Flow
  • Arrays
  • Functions
  • Structures
  • Pointers
  • Working with Bits
  • Memory Allocation
  • FILES-input and output
  • Command line arguments
  • Interesting Functions
  • Graphics in C
  • Linked List
Operating System
  • LINUX-Advanced Features
  • Architecture
  • Linux Environment
  • Shell Programming
  • Windows application
Object Oriented Programming in C++
  • Object-Oriented Concepts
  • Arrays
  • Structure
  • Union and Bit Fields
  • Classes and Objects
  • Constructors and destructors
  • Pointers
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Template and Exception handling
  • File organization
  • Turbo Graphics
  • Preprocessor Directive and I/O Operations
Project Work
  • Project Work in C/C++ Programming give student more foundation in programming level.
Web Technologies
  • HTML (HTML Tags, Text formatting, Text styles, Lists Graphics tables, Frames, Links)
  • DHTML(Cascade Style Sheet, Spans, Layers, Division, External style sheet)
  • XML (Elements, Attributes, Creating& designing Tags, Documents type Definition)
Introduction to Flash, Photoshop
  • Flash (Basic animation, working in the timeline, Working with symbols, Motion Guide Paths, Mask layers.)
  • Photoshop (Tools, layer concept, file types, file sizes, Color manipulations, smoothing skin, smoothing wrinkles, cataloging your images, Editing your photo shoot)
Scripting Language
  • Java script (Data Types, Arrays, Operators, Functions, Objects, events, Cookies)
  • VB SCRIPT (BASICS OF VB Script, Operators, Functions, Objects, Events)
  • Website Development using Microsoft Dreamweaver/Front page
ASP.NET/Java Programming
  • Introduction to ASP.NET
  • Validating user input
  • Accessing and managing data with ADO.NET
  • Creating new controls In ASP.NET
  • Migration and their operability
  • Managing state with ASP.NET
  • Master pages
  • Improving Performance with Caching
  • Tracing and debugging in ASP.NET
  • Configuring and deploying ASP.NET Applications
Project Work
  • A project work in Visual Basic gives students more foundation in programming

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Entry Requirements
Age 20
Academic Level Diploma or Degree
Language Proficiency IELTS 5.5 OR GCE O LEVEL
Mode Of Study Face-to-Face
Fee Details
Course Fee S$5000
Material Fee S$400
Fulltime 12 months(5 days X 3 hrs)
Intakes 15 Dec - 14 Dec(12 months), 25 May - 24 May(12 months)
Part time 18months(3 days X 2 hrs)
Intakes 1 Jan -1June(18 months)
Written, Assignments/Projects, Practical
Average Student-Teacher: 5:1
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