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PG Diploma in Computer Application


This course covers more deeper knowledge in computer architecture and more strong foundation in Object oriented programming using C++ and

The Syllabus covering Operating Systems, Computer Organisation, Object Oriented Programming with C++, C++ Lab, Relational Database Management, Distributed Computing, Programming in C#.Net, C# Lab. At the end of the course students have to do a project work in C# or C++ programming.

Course Content

Operating System
  • Operating System
  • History of Operating System
  • Operating System Concepts
  • Files
  • Processes
  • System Calls
  • The Shell
Computer Organization
  • Basic Structure of Computer hardware and Software
  • Functional units
  • Basic Operational Concepts
  • Bus structures
  • Software
  • Performance
  • Distributed Computing.Addressing Modes and Machine Program Sequencing
  • Memory Locations
  • Addresses
  • Encoding of information
  • Main memory operations
  • Instruction and instruction sequencing
  • Addressing modes
  • Assembly language
  • Basic Input-Output Operations
Object Oriented Programming with C++
  • Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
  • Arrays
  • Structure
  • Union and Bit Fields
  • Classes and Objects
  • Constructors and destructors
  • Pointers
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Template and Exception handling
  • File organization
  • Turbo Graphics
  • Preprocessor Directive and I/O Operations

C++ Lab

Relational Database Management
  • Introduction to Relational Database Management Systems
  • Schema
  • Entity-Relationship Diagram
  • Tables
  • Primary key
  • Foreign key
  • Relationships
  • DML
  • DCL Commands
  • Views
  • Synonyms
  • PL/SQL Programming-Joins
  • Functions
  • Procedures
  • Views.Normalizations
  • First Normal form
  • Second Normal Form
  • Third Normal Form
  • Forth Normal Form
Distributed Computing
  • Distributed Computed Systems Examples
  • Weakness and Strength of Distributed Systems
  • Interprocess Communications(IPC)
  • Paradigms for Distributed Applications
Programming in C#.Net
  • Introduction .NET Framework and Visual Studio
  • Getting Started with C#
  • Working with Control Flow Statements and Exceptions
  • Understanding Object Oriented Programming concepts
  • Introducing Windows Forms
  • Working with data and

C# Lab

Project Work
  • A project work in C++ or

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Entry Requirements
Age 20
Academic Level Diploma or Degree
Language Proficiency IELTS 5.5 OR GCE O LEVEL
Mode Of Study Face-to-Face
Fee Details
Course Fee S$5000
Material Fee S$400
Fulltime 12 months(5 days X 5 hrs)
Intakes 15 Dec - 14 Dec(12 months), 25 May - 24 May(12 months)
Part time 24months(2 days X 2 hrs)
Intakes 1st Jan
Written, Assignments/Projects, Practical
Average Student-Teacher: 5:1
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