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Skill Future Skills Development Fund

The Tax Department – Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) provides the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Grant for staff from Singapore registered companies.

The PIC grant is available to companies who send their staff for training. Training can be held in-house or at G-TEC Computer Education Centre. The PIC grant is available Singaporeans, PRs or Foreigners. Companies can improve the productivity and skills set of the employees and improve their operations by utilizing the PIC grant.

The PIC grant pays 60% of the amount spent on training as a Cash Payout to companies. You also have the option to take 400% tax deduction on the qualifying amount while computing your company tax. The PIC grant is only available to Singapore registered companies. It is not granted to individuals paying on their own for their own training. This is a Corporate Benefit, only available to companies.

Make use of the PIC Grant for arranging a Corporate Training at your office or at G-TEC Computer Education Centre. Train your entire team to improve their productivity in Office Skills, Designing Skills or any Programming skills based on your requirement. We also meets your customized training requirements, please contact 96503505/63360244 or send mail to info.sg@gteceducation.com. For more information, visit the IRAS website.

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