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C#.NET Programming Full Course in 5 days

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CEO`s Message

Mehroof"The opportunities today in education are tremendous. And more importantly, the opportunities for people joining forces with us have never been better & more exciting".

When I founded G-TEC COMPUTER EDUCATION CENTRE many years ago my primary aim was to make IT education affordable to all sections of society. My aim has always been to foster talent not only in urban but in rural & semi urban areas.

G-TEC COMPUTER EDUCATION CENTRE offers a comprehensive range of learning solutions and services to cater to the needs of todays emerging generation. We are amongst the leading vocational training solutions companies now.

We at G-TEC COMPUTER EDUCATION CENTRE have been continuously exploring new avenues of International & domestic partnerships. Our aggressive brand building and marketing, with a emphasis on expansion, have paved the way to the future.

For many years, we have been exploring what makes us consistently out-perform our peers throughout economic and industry cycles. This is a result of the focus on market research and ongoing 'High Performance' business development program. Realising the responsibility on our shoulders, we endeavor to be one of the most competitive companies in this industry with emphasis on efficiency in operations, reliability & Quality service to our 'STUDENTS'

Research-based Innovation is a key driver at G-TEC COMPUTER EDUCATION CENTRE. This enabled us to develop programs and curriculum that use cutting-edge instructional design methodologies and training delivery.

Our mission is to provide training to fill the existing skills shortages in Industry, along with issues such as the quality, reach and relevance to our education system & the economy. By the year 2020 the world will have a shortage of 50 million working people and the workforce will have a surplus of 45-50 million people. What’s needed is to develop skills, so that this surplus manpower is equipped to meet the needs of Industry Gearing up for the future; we have the key success factors necessary to withstand the winds of “change”.

We have a diverse range of programs much beyond IT. Driven by our vision of‘makingprofessionals globally’, G-TEC COMPUTER EDUCATION CENTRE is helping to build millions of employable, industry-ready professionals globally.

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