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Auto Cad 3D


Course Name Duration Entry Requirement Fee (SGD)
Auto Cad 3D 16 hrs Knowledge in AutoCAD 2D S$495

For alternate time slots, please call 63360244/96503505

Course Content

Introduction to 3D
  • Types of 3D Models
  • Orbiting Your 3D Model
  • Setting Viewport Display
Creating Solid Primitives
  • About Solid Primitive,Creating a Solid Box
  • Creating a Solid Sphere,Creating a Solid Cylinder
  • Creating a Solid Cone,Creating a Solid Wedge
  • Creating a Solid Torus,Creating a Solid Pyramid
Creating Models from 2D Profiles
  • About Models from 2D Profiles
  • Choosing a Model Creation Method
  • Planar Surface Command
  • Creating a Model Using the Polysolid Command
  • Extrude Command,Presspull Command
  • Revolve Command,Creating a Helical Path
  • Sweep Command,Loft Command
Editing AutoCAD objects
  • Selecting objects
  • Properties palette, erasing objects
  • Joining objects, moving and copying
  • Scaling stretching, and rotating
  • Breaking an object into two
Composite Solid Models
  • About Composite Solids
  • Creating Solids Using Union
  • Creating Solids Using Subtract
  • Creating Solids Using Intersect
  • Intersecting Solid Objects
Working in 3D
  • About the Cartesian Coordinate System
  • Changing the Coordinate System
  • Changing the UCS Icon Display
  • Acquiring Points in 3D Space
Solid Editing
  • Boolean Operations
  • Fillet and Chamfer edge
  • Shell Command, Slice Command
  • Imprint, extract edges and Copy edges
  • Extrude, Taper and Move Face
  • Copy, Offset, Delete and color Face
  • 3D mirror command
  • 3D array command
  • thicken commandd
Visualising Solid
  • Understanding User coordinate system (UCS)
  • Move, rotate and Scale object using gizmo
  • Visualizing solid with sectional planes
  • Creating 2D/3D Blocks with generate section
  • Manipulating section planes, Using flatshot
  • TCreating 2D layout views from 3D drawing
  • Creating detail and sectional view
Surface Modeling
  • Making surface using Extrude
  • Revolve, Sweep and Loft
  • Planar and Network command
  • Surface trim, Untrim and Extend command
  • Patch and Fillet tool
  • Sculpt command
  • Offset and Surface Blend tool
  • Project geometry and Autotrim command
Creating Drawings from 3D Models
  • Types of Views from 3D Models
  • Shaded and Hidden Views
  • Creating Views from Flat shots
Plotting 3D Models
  • Working with the Layout
  • Changing from Model Mode to Layout Mode
  • Creating a New Layout
  • Specifying Page Setup
  • Specifying a Plot Device
  • Layout Settings
  • Working with the Viewports dialog box
  • Creating 2D Views from a Solid Model
  • Creating Profiles from Solids
  • Annotating layout views

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Course Name Duration Entry Requirement Fee (SGD)
Auto Cad 3D 16 hrs Knowledge in AutoCAD 2D S$495
Time Slot
Please call 63360244/96503505
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