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MS Power Point


Course Name Duration Entry Requirement Fee (SGD)
MS Power Point 8 hrs Beginner of Computer S$190

For alternate time slots, please call 63360244/96503505

Course Content

Module 1: Setting Up PowerPoint Environment
  • New, Open, Close, Save, Save As
  • Typing the text, Alignment of text
  • Formatting Text: Font Size, Font Style
  • Font Color, Use the Bold, Italic, and Underline
  • Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All, Clear text
  • Find & Replace
  • Working with Tabs and indents
Module 2: Creating slides and applying themes
  • Inserting new slide
  • Changing layout of slides
  • Duplicating slides
  • Copying and pasting slide
  • Applying themes to the slide layout
  • Changing theme color
  • Slide background
  • Formatting slide background
  • Using slide views
Module 3: Working with bullets and numbering
  • Multilevel numbering and Bulleting
  • Creating List
  • Page bordering
  • Page background
  • Aligning text
  • Text directions
  • Columns option
Module 4: Working with Objects
  • Shapes, Clipart and Picture, Word Art, Smart Art
  • Change the Order of Objects
  • Inserting slide header and footer
  • Inserting Text boxes
  • Inserting shapes, using quick styles
  • Inserting Word art
  • Inserting symbols
  • Inserting Chart
Module 5: Working With Movies and Sounds
  • Inserting Movie From a Computer File
  • Inserting Audio file
  • Audio Video playback and format options
  • Video options, Adjust options
  • Reshaping and bordering Video
Module 6: Using SmartArt and Tables
  • Working with Tables, Table Formatting
  • Table Styles
  • Alignment option
  • Merge and split option
  • Converting text to smart art
Module 7: Animation and Slide Transition
  • Default Animation, Custom Animation
  • Modify a Default or Custom Animation
  • Reorder Animation Using Transitions
  • Apply a Slide Transition
  • Modifying a Transition
  • Advancing to the Next Slide
Module 8: Using slide Master
  • Using slide master
  • Inserting layout option
  • Creating custom layout
  • Inserting place holders
  • Formatting place holders
MModule 9: Slide show option
  • Start slide show
  • Start show from the current slide
  • Rehearse timing
  • Creating custom slide show
Module 10: Proofing and Printing
  • Check Spelling As You Type
  • Setting AutoCorrect Options
  • Save as video
  • Save as JPEG files
  • Save as PowerPoint Show file
  • Print Preview, Print

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Course Name Duration Entry Requirement Fee (SGD)
MS Power Point 8 hrs Beginner of Computer S$190
Time Slot
Please call 63360244/96503505
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