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MS Access

coursesA successful database is efficient quick accurate and easy to use. This course covers how to create such a database with MS Access.

Course Name Duration Entry Requirement Fee (SGD)
MS Access 15 hrs Basic Computer Knowledge S$450

For alternate time slots, please call 63360244/96503505

Course Content

Module 1: Get Acquainted with Access
  • What is access
  • Introduction to Database
  • Relational Database management system
  • Introduction to Database objects
  • Components of Access User interface
  • Ribbon, Navigation pane, Back stage view
Module 2: Access startup screen
  • Creating new blank Database
  • Closing Database
  • Creating Database from Template
  • Opening an existing Database
  • Backing up Database
Module 3: Using Navigation Pane
  • Viewing object, Copying object
  • Renaming Object, Deleting object
Module 4: Access Tables
  • Planning Tables
  • Planning fields
  • Creating tables in Design view
  • Modifying Tables in Design view
  • Selecting a primary key
  • Importing data from excel into new table
  • Importing data as a linked table
Module 5: Table Relationship
  • Relationship types
  • Creating relationship in database
  • Creating look up field
  • Viewing related data
Module 6: Creating Queries
  • Creating Query in design view
  • Creating Query with Query Wizard
  • Modifying Queries
  • Adjusting Query field
  • Sorting Query field
  • Hiding Query field
  • Adding Query criteria
  • Adding calculated field to Query
  • Creating crosstab Query
Module 7: Using Forms
  • Form views
  • Creating form with form Wizard
  • Working with forms in design view
  • Working with forms in Layout view
  • Working with padding, Margins and Anchoring
Module 8: Creating Reports
  • Report sections
  • Designing a report
  • Report views, print view, and layout view
  • Using the report tool
  • Working with reports in layout view
  • Working with reports in design view
  • Creating blank report
  • The field list pane
  • Grouping and sorting report
  • Previewing and printing reports

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Course Name Duration Entry Requirement Fee (SGD)
MS Access 15 hrs Basic Computer Knowledge S$450
Time Slot
Please call 63360244/96503505
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