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We are providing courses in 3 different level, Basic, Advanced and Full Course (Basic to Advanced + Project Work).

Course Name Duration Entry Requirement Fee (SGD)
C#.NET Basic 16 hrs Basic Computer Knowledge S$590
C#.NET Advanced 16 hrs Basic C# Programming Knowledge S$640
C#.NET Full Package 32 hrs Basic Computer Knowledge S$1199

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Visual C# is the up-and-coming programming language that Microsoft designed specifically for the .NET platform.

C# has become a language of choice for implementing Windows applications that integrate with the Internet and the Web.

These classes help novices become literate in Visual C# programming and help experienced programmers become skilled Visual C# developers.

The classes are up-to-the-minute with Microsoft's latest development tools and the .NET platforms.

The course covers all the language features from basic to Advanced level such as object oriented concepts, Windows Forms programming, ADO.Net,LINQ, Deploying Visual C# Application, WPF, WCF Services and Web Services. This course provides an alternative entry point for less experienced programmers who are not familiar with object-oriented design and programming with Windows or the Web. The course curriculum is designed as a combination of theory and practical. Course materials are covered with many hands on practical exercise with each theory topics.

Course Name Duration Entry Requirement Fee (SGD)
C#.NET Basic 16 hrs Basic Computer Knowledge S$590
C#.NET Advanced 16 hrs Basic C# Programming Knowledge S$640
C#.NET Full Package 32 hrs Basic Computer Knowledge S$1199
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Frequently asked questions

What is C#?

C# is a computer programming language created by Microsoft Corporation for their .NET Framework. C# is in the C language family; but, C# is a direct descendant of the Java language from Sun Microsystems. Also, C# borrows from the Delphi language.

C# is pronounced as see-sharp. C# is a modern, object-oriented language designed to enable developers to quickly create a wide range of applications for the .NET platform. The primary designers of C# were Anders Hejlsberg and Scott Wiltamuth. But, C# was and is a team effort.

What is the .NET Framework?

The Microsoft .NET Framework is a platform for building, deploying, and running Web Services and applications. It provides a highly productive, standards-based, multi-language environment for integrating existing investments with next-generation applications and services as well as the agility to solve the challenges of deployment and operation of Internet-scale applications. The .NET Framework consists of three main parts: the common language runtime, a hierarchical set of unified class libraries, and a componentized version of Active Server Pages called ASP.NET.

Does C# replace C++?

VThere are three options open to the Windows developer from a C++ background:
Stick with standard C++. Don't use .NET at all.
Use C++ with .NET. Microsoft supply a .NET C++ compiler that produces IL rather than machine code. (To make full use of the .NET environment (e.g. garbage collection), a set of extensions are required to standard C++, called C++/CLI.)
Forget C++ and use C#.
Each of these options has merits, depending on the developer and the application, but for most general purpose applications C# is a much more productive environment than C++. Where existing C++ code must be used with a new application, the existing code can be wrapped using C++/CLI to allow it to interop with C#.

What is the difference between C# and Java?

Features of C# which is not in Java

C# includes more primitive types and the functionality to catch arithmetic exceptions
Includes a large number of notational conveniences over Java, many of which, such as operator overloading and user-defined casts, are already familiar to the large community of C++ programmers.
Event handling is a "first class citizen"; it is part of the language itself.
Allows the definition of "structs", which are similar to classes but may be allocated on the stack (unlike instances of classes in C# and Java).
C# implements properties as part of the language syntax. C# allows switch statements to operate on strings.
C# allows Anonymous methods providing closure functionality.
C# allows iterator that employs co-routines via a functional-style yield keyword.
C# has support for output parameters, aiding in the return of multiple values, a featured shared by C++ and SQL
C# has the ability to alias namespaces.
C# has "Explicit Member Implementation" which allows a class to specifically implement methods of an interface, separate to its own class methods. This allows it also to implement two different interfaces which happen to have a method of the same name. The methods of an interface do not need to be "public"; they can be made to be accessible only via that interface.
C# provides integration with COM. Following the example of C and C++, C# allows call by reference for primitive and reference types.
Features of Java which is not in C#
Java's strictfp keyword guarantees the result of floating point operations remain the same across platform.
Java supports checked exceptions for better enforcement of error trapping and handling