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MS Excel Expertise

MS Excel Expertise course is designed to provide an insight into some of the more advanced features of excel. This course deals with more detailed spread sheet concepts including Advanced lookups,functions,Logical functions and index, match functions of excel. Students will learn how to forecast the scenarios using data tools such as What if Analysis and to find solutions to complicated problems using advanced financial functions. At the end of the course students will have a complete understanding of the advanced functions of excel.

Course Name Duration Entry Requirement Fee (SGD)
MS Excel Expertise 8 hrs Excel (Basic to Intermediate) S$299

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Course Content

Module 1: Excel Functions
  • Automatic Rounding of Long Numbers
  • Round Function
  • Round Down Function
  • Round Up Function
  • Excel Text Functions
  • Using Excel TEXT with other functions
  • Separate Strings using text functions
Module 2: Logical Functions
  • Logical IF Function
  • Using multiple conditions
  • AND function, OR Function
  • NOT function with IF function
  • Combining logical functions with other functions
Module 3: Financial Functions
  • Financial Function
  • PMT,IPMT,PPMT functions
  • RATE, NPER Functions
  • Calculating Present Value(PV)
  • Calculating Future Value(FV)
  • Calculating Payament per Periods (PMT)
  • Loan Amortization Schedule
Module 4: Excel Data Tools
  • Data Validation,Circle Invalid Data
  • Clear Validation Circles
  • Excel Goal seek function
  • Data Table,Group, Outline
  • Ungroup, Clear outlineSorting
  • Using Subtotal, Removing subtotals
  • Applying filters on subtotals
  • Extract data using Advanced filtering
Module 5: Index & Match functions
  • Index Function,Match Function
  • Combination of Index and Match Function
  • VLOOKUP and match formulas in excel
  • Indirect & Offset functions
  • Using dynamic lookup tables
  • Creating & Applying range names in formulas
  • Combinations of lookup functions
Module 6: Informative functions
  • Informative functions,Iferror, Iserror
  • Isn, Isnumber, Istext, Isblank
  • Combinations of informative functions
  • with other Functions
Module 7: Excel Dashboard
  • Dashboard Design Tips
  • Dashboard and Data Sources
  • Using pivot table & chart for dashboard
  • Visual Dashboarding Techniques
  • Interactivity with Slicers
  • Build a Sales Dashboard
Module 8: Recording & Editing Macros
  • Writing a New Macro, Recording Macro
  • Running a Macro, Using a Shortcut Key
  • Using the Visual Basic Toolbar
  • Using the Visual Basic Editor Window
  • Assigning a Shortcut Key
  • Using Relative References
  • Assigning a Macro to a Menu
  • Deleting a Macro from a Menu
  • Deleting a Macro from work book
  • Editing Macro Commands
  • Creating a Custom Button
  • Adding a Button to Quick Access Toolbar
  • Assigning a Macro to a Button
  • Changing a Button Image

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Course Name Duration Entry Requirement Fee (SGD)
MS Excel Expertise 8 hrs Excel (Basic to Intermediate) S$299
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Please call 63360244/96503505
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